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Interview With Youth Lagoon

  • Andrew Parks: You seem a lot like somebody who can’t turn off their brain, for better or for worse. What are some of the things you’ve really obsessed over in this last year? Things that came out on this record?
  • Trevor Powers: My mind is always taking me to different places. I think the scariest and most interesting place it always takes me is the future. It’s always kind of one of my biggest fears, just the future. It’s something I obsess over so much and you know, I want so badly to be able to really just grasp the present, and spend all my time in the present, but because of the way society is, it’s so hard to do, because society is like driven for future thinking. It always is—even about the stupid things, like paying bills and whatever. It’s always just, ‘Think of the future, think of the future.’ And before you know it, today is gone; the next day is gone. Your mind is always one step ahead. It’s terrible because I want so badly to live in the present, and that makes it tough. It’s scary.